Preschool: 379 7590 - Littlies: 379 7699

Littlies ERO (Education Review Office) quotes – 2014

Children learn in a happy and secure environment.

Routines are calm, unhurried and responsive to the needs of children. Independence and self-help skills are encouraged. Choices for children are highly evident. Teachers use routines as learning opportunities.

Teachers know the children and their families well.

They engage in conversation with the children as they play and offer support and encouragement. Language development and a love of books are fostered.

Positive relationships with parents, families and outside agencies and well-planned transitions support the inclusion of children with special education needs.

Children lead their own learning.

They have easy access to a good range of resources appropriate to their ages and stages of development.

Natural resources are integrated. These provide opportunities for children to develop early mathematical concepts of colour, shape, size and capacity.

The centre philosophy focuses on warm responsive and respectful interactions to support children’s sense of belonging.

Children and parents are warmly welcomed on arrival. Parents spend time settling their children with the support of teachers.

A home-like atmosphere prevails.