Preschool: 379 7590 - Littlies: 379 7699

Kia Ora, Hello, Talofa, Namaste, Nǐ Hǎo, Bonjour and a warm welcome to Carterton Preschool Littlies.

Carterton Preschool Littlies has been open since June 2013.

Littlies is for children aged 0-3 years, with the intention of transitioning on to Carterton Preschool.

Littlies hours are 7:45am to 5:00pm. If eligible, WINZ subsidies can be administered.

We provide an environment that promotes Respect and Freedom of Movement in a Primary Caregiving system. This ensures the emotional security of all children is nurtured.

We believe strongly that all children thrive in an environment where they feel secure, valued and respected. We have adapted Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler’s philosophy, here at Littlies:

We not only respect babies, we demonstrate our respect every time we interact with them. Respecting a child means treating even the youngest infant as a unique human being, not as an object.
Magda Gerber, 1998

Littlies provides an environment for the children that is physically safe but cognitively and emotionally challenging.

The children have time for uninterrupted play in an environment where they are given plenty of opportunities for Freedom of Movement. They have the freedom to explore and interact with other infants and toddlers.

We put trust in the child’s competence and know that children are effective communicators in their own unique ways. By forming secure bonds with the children, we ensure their needs are being met emotionally, physically and developmentally. Consistency, predictable routines and modelling the behaviour we want the children to show are keys to success.

We recognise problems as learning opportunities. We want children to be able to solve problems on their own. We are all sensitive to each child’s needs, as they are all different and learn at different times and stages.

We have an amazing team of qualified teachers who are all committed to the Philosophy, and to promoting and developing positive outcomes for all of our children.

Lisa Robinson - Carterton Preschool Littlies
Lisa Robinson, Littlies Team Leader
Aimee Trezise – Teacher
Aimee Trezise – Teacher