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Littlies Philosophy

Littlies recognise the emotional security of each tamaiti (child) is paramount to their learning and development. We maintain an accepting, peaceful and unhurried environment where our tamariki (children) and whānau (family) experience their culture is valued and respected. Our environment is inclusive and welcoming, with warm, loving, trusting, and respectful relationships. We acknowledge and respect tamariki as capable and competent individuals.


Planning for each tamaiti within a wider centre curriculum design supports a range of changing learning experiences, reflecting the knowledge, interests, and strengths they bring. Rich learning experiences will support their physical, social, and emotional development and strengthen learning dispositions including hiringa (determination), manaatikanga (caring and loving), maia (confidence), manawaroa (patience) and resilience.

We acknowledge tamariki are competent, confident, and capable learners and support them to leave Littlies with a strong positive identity and the skills and dispositions needed for their lifelong learning journey.

These values support our philosophy

  1. Primary caregiving and our buddy system are integral to supporting emotional security, respectful practice, and strong relationships with tamariki and their whānau. One-on-one care moments are viewed as an essential part of a trusting relationship between kaiako and tamaiti.
  2. Having an unhurried environment, guided by Pikler’s ‘Freedom of Movement’, encourages the development of tamaiti at their own pace as they extend their understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  3. Strong relationships and valuing tamariki as lifelong learners is important for us as kaiako. This includes transitions into the centre, within the centre between infants and toddlers, and to other ECE services, in particular to Carterton Preschool through our transition programme.
  4. Kōrero with whānau daily, communication notebooks, involving whānau in planning and assessment, collaboration with whānau when setting aspirations and goals ensures kaiako have the valuable knowledge about tamariki necessary for high-quality care and responsive teaching. Strong induction processes also support these trusting relationships.
  5. Frequent visits to Fensham Reserve, Carter Court, and local places of interest support the tamariki connection to their local community and helps them gain knowledge of the world around them.



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