Preschool: 379 7590 - Littlies: 379 7699

Littlies Philosophy

Carterton Preschool Littlies is committed to provide the highest quality care for children within a caring and nurturing environment.

We recognise that children’s emotional security is paramount and that this directly affects their learning and development. We strive to maintain a natural, peaceful and unhurried environment.

We believe in the bi-cultural practices of Aotearoa New Zealand, and endeavor to ensure all children and their whānau are welcomed here.

At Littlies we believe that effective teamwork in a respectful environment with good communication ensures children will develop secure attachments.

Promoting Freedom of Movement and working within a Primary Caregiving structure provides experiences that encourages the development of the individual child at their pace as they extend their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Professional Development ensures positive effective outcomes for children.

We value the importance of transitioning into Littlies, between the under-2s and over-2s, and then onto Preschool.

Involvement of families and community, including local trips, provides opportunities for children to go out into our community and become familiar with their local area.