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Preschool Philosophy

Carterton Preschool is committed to working with parents and whānau to keep children safe, physically and emotionally, in a secure and healthy environment.

We provide a programme that is a balance of free play and set activities, all of which are enjoyable, fun and creative.

By building children’s confidence and self esteem, we support the wonderful learning journey which prepares children for their transition to school, and we equip them with skills for life-long social and educational success.

Carterton Preschool is committed to working in partnership with parents and whānau to provide a “home away from home” where meaningful and lasting relationships are developed between educators, tamariki and whānau. To support this outcome, Carterton Preschool has an open door policy where whānau are encouraged to spend time in the centre with their child, and whānau participation in the programme is cherished. An awareness of the importance of community and our natural environment will be promoted.


Kaiako are committed to supporting the achievement of Māori tamariki through an authentic approach to Te Mana o Aotearoa (the uniqueness of New Zealand’s educational heritage), relationships with Iwi are fostered and maintained. Kaiako are also responsive and inclusive of diverse cultures, languages and diverse learning needs. All tamariki benefit when the valuing of culture is embedded in all aspects of our centre and curriculum.


We provide a rich, high quality learning environment that builds on children’s confidence and equips them with the skills for lifelong social and educational experiences and supports the wonderful learning journey which prepares children for their transition to school. Through respectful interactions, carefully considered conversations and intentional setting up of the learning environment, investigation and exploration are promoted, and tamariki are empowered to lead their own learning and co-construct knowledge/understanding.


Each child’s learning will be based on their individual inquiry and strengths as well as projects we engage in together. Our ‘backyard’ environment promotes freedom of movement and is educationally focused on our local curriculum which encourages autonomy, decision making, and agency as well as dispositions for learning such as; self-control, resilience, courage, playfulness, perseverance, communication and responsibility. From our culture of kindness tamariki learn social skills including social justice, respect and equity which are key aspects of our local curriculum.


Carterton Preschool leaders are improvement focused and seek to sustain improvements in operations and to bring about quality learning outcomes for all children. A strong and positive teaching team culture promotes consistent, high quality practice and teachers are encouraged to participate in as much professional development as possible.

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