Preschool: 379 7590 - Littlies: 379 7699

Littlies ERO (Education Review Office) Report 2021

ERO Summary of findings Carterton Preschool Littlies 15th October 2021
Infants experience nurturing relationships with teachers, who are suitably responsive to their preferences and interests. The development of secure, trusting attachments between teachers and children is well supported by the organisation of caregiving and routines. Teaching practices promote children’s engagement and leadership. Their identity as capable learners are highly respected.

Teachers’ confidence and competence in the use of te reo Māori is developing. Waiata is sung and simple commands are used with aspects of tikanga Māori woven through the curriculum. Establishing a localised curriculum has been a collaborative focus within the centre. Leaders now need to engage with their community and whānau Māori to get their input into this work.

The teaching team is becoming increasingly intentional with building shared understandings about how the learning outcomes from Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum, are used in assessment and planning. There is sufficient focus on supporting the progress of individual children to enhance their mana and identity as learners. There continues to be variability in the way assessment practices respond to children’s cultural identity, parents’ aspirations and agreed learning priorities.

Leadership is improvement focused in relation to teaching, learning and service operation. Teachers work collaboratively to identify strategies to promote outcomes for children. Trusting relationships at every level supports collaboration and openness to change and improve. The self-review process is enabling the team to identify improvements to practice. Internal evaluation as a process for ongoing improvement is not yet understood.

The centre is well led and efficiently managed. Leadership has established clear expectations for collective responsibility for the wellbeing and learning of all children. Appraisal is effectively implemented to build teacher capability and team capacity. Opportunities are provided for teachers to build their knowledge in areas agreed as priorities.

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